International Guild of Hypnotherapy,

 NLPsy, & 3 Principles Practitioners 

Trainers (IGH3P®) Professional Body.

Accredited and Registered with the:

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International Guild For Hypnotherapy, 3 Principles & NLP Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®) Professional Body


Accredited and Registered with the:

Learn New Skills and Invest in Your Future  

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 ELEVATE   Your Coaching and Personal Development with IGH3P

 ELEVATE   Your Coaching and Personal Development with IGH3P

We Specialise In:

Online Courses

Personalised Transformational Coaching

Hypnotherapy/NLP Sessions


Accreditation and Certification for Coaching and Mentoring Courses/Training

Professional Membership

Accreditation and Certification for Coaches and Mentors

We Specialise In:

Online Courses

Personalised Transformational Coaching

Hypnotherapy/NLP Sessions

Accreditation and Certification for Coaching and Mentoring Courses/Training

Professional Membership

Accreditation and Certification for Coaches and Mentors

 ELEVATE  Your Coaching and Mentoring with IGH3P


At the International Guild for Hypnotherapy, NLPsy , & 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®), we run our accredited and certified coaching and mentoring courses, which are based on:

  • Hypnotherapy coaching,
  • Neurolinguistic psychology, and
  • Neurosensory psychology coaching and mentoring with neuroscience applications.

We offer Hypnotherapy, NLP and Pain Neural Pathway Reprocessing Sessions. 

We also offer a comprehensive certification and accreditation service for coaching and mentoring programs. If you are a:

  • Individual,
  • Coach
  • Corporation, 

get in touch to discuss how IGH3P accreditation provides global recognition, quality assurance and enhanced confidence in your customers/students!

We  also certify and accredit you as a coach or mentor based on your qualifications and coaching experience.  

I'm an International Master Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner, Transformative Coach, Hypnotherapist and Founder of Quantum Business for Success, Quantum Coaching and Leadership, SynapGen™-NSP Coaching System and IGH3P® Professional Body.

I am also syndicated on radio markets from coast to coast in the US, on every major podcast platform including Apple Podcasts, Tune-In, iHeartRadio, Audible and many more, plus a syndicated columnist as part of the Price of Business Digital Network! 

If you've found your way to the IGH3P platform, you're likely a dedicated coach or practitioner (or contemplating stepping into this field).

So make yourself comfortable and dive into our wealth of resources, training modules, and actionable insights designed specifically to help you cultivate a thriving coaching biz, amplify your services with personal growth, knowledge enhancement, and the elevation of coaching practices, so you can deliver transformative coaching services- to your customers!

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Become an IGH3P®  Accredited or Certified Coach or Mentor

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help others and to grow your income. You will be entitled to display your IGH3P certified badge on your business cards, website, blog and letterheads. Your clients can be assured that they are working with a professional by having a direct link to your IGH3P membership profile.

Hypnotherapy Coaching is a branch of alternative medicine that is related to positive psychology, and hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to help yourself and/or others. Hypnotherapy Coaching can be very beneficial in allowing people to move past their distractions and start living a more conscious life. When you complete a hypnotherapy coaching course with IGH3P, you will gain certification or accreditation in Hypno-coaching.

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Coaching and Mentoring

IGH3P's Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLPsy) based coaching and mentoring programs are designed to empower individuals to unlock their potential and overcome challenges. NLP, a powerful tool that explores the dynamics between mind, language, and behaviour, forms the core of these programs.

Our NLP-based programs aim to equip individuals with the skills to understand and influence thought patterns, behaviours, and emotional responses. This understanding can lead to improved communication, personal growth, and enhanced decision-making abilities.


Neurosensory Psychology (NSP) based coaching and mentoring.

IGH3P offers a comprehensive range of courses in Coaching and mentoring based on neurosensory psychology, from foundational to advanced levels. These courses are designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to understand and apply neurosensory psychology principles in various contexts.

Neuroscience Applications

IGH3P uniquely integrates neuroscience into all its coaching and mentoring programs, providing a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour, cognition, and emotional responses. This approach enhances traditional coaching techniques with insights from neuroscience, enabling lasting changes at a neurological level.

Starting with foundational courses, learners are introduced to basic neuroscience principles and their relevance to coaching. As they advance, they delve into complex neuroscience concepts and their practical application in coaching scenarios.

IGH3P's programs emphasise hands-on learning, with exercises and case studies that apply neuroscience principles in real-world contexts.

Our staff within the IGH3P professional body, stay updated with the latest neuroscience research, ensuring learners are equipped with current knowledge. By incorporating neuroscience, IGH3P equips learners with a unique toolset that drives profound, sustainable change in their coaching and mentoring practices.

and and influence thought patterns, behaviours, and emotional responses. This understanding can lead to improved communication, personal growth, and enhanced decision-making abilities.

The Three Keys to Coaching and Mentoring: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

The 3 Keys are laws that let us discover the  innate intelligence of  life. They are the fundamental processes that  operate in everyone’s minds every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  It is the basis  of psychological learning.

Three principles approach to coaching  consists of  three main skills which are required to be an effective coach: 

  • rapport, 
  • listening 
  • reflecting. 

The Coach presents these skills  in a disciplined way so that the coachee will  feel listened to, understood, supported, stimulated and focused.  



Benefits of Becoming a Certified/Accredited Coach or Mentor with IGH3P®


Invest in Yourself and in Your Future

Gain valuable knowledge and skills to make the necessary changes that only impact on you and others in a positive way. You will be able to modify your behaviour in order to  positively impact on your profit and productivity, to achieve your goals, to overcome hurdles and to make better decisions. 

Get Support from a Network of Professionals

Being a member of IGH3P™ adds credibility to your practitioner and/or coaching business. We can assist in all areas of Hypnotherapy and NLP business, plus you will be a member of a vibrant and professional community.

Grow Your Profit as an Accredited or Certified Coach or Mentor Practitioner

Be part of an evolving future and use your skills anywhere the mind is involved in issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and addictions like smoking, drinking, drug use or social media. By running your own enterprise, you get to choose your income, your hours and your own lifestyle, so you can organise your appointments to fit in with family commitments or other interests that you might have. 

Reach Your Goals and Never Look Back

You will be able to : 

  • Recognise and break through limitations at work and in your learning 
  • Learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before
  • Be in control of your emotion
  • Become a powerful and effective communicator
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships
  • Become even more successful in your coaching or mentoring practice.

Lifelong Learning

IGH3P™courses and training is of the highest quality and you will learn from experienced professionals, who are actively involved in the Hypnotherapy coaching, NLP NSP and neuroscience community. You will have the opportunity to continuously update your knowledge and competences for personal and professional development. 

Industry Recognition and Credibility

IGH3P stands as a trusted and recognized authority in the industry, with a reputation for upholding the highest standards of excellence. Employers, clients, and professional bodies all over the world respect and acknowledge our certifications and accreditations. By choosing IGH3P, you align yourself with a prestigious brand that carries weight and opens doors to unparalleled opportunities. Stand out in a crowded marketplace, gain the respect of your peers, and enhance your professional reputation with IGH3P by your side.

Post Nominal Letters

As a graduate of IGH3P, IGCHt, NLP (NeuroLingPsy) and/or SynapGen™-NSP (Neuro Sensory Psychology) courses, you are entitled to use the following letters after your name:

  • CH (Certified Hypnotist)
  • CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist) 
  • MCHt - For full hypnotherapists and or people who have gained a course of studies, which meet our minimum curriculum requirements.
  • MSCHt - Senior hypnotherapist members, who have a minimum 5 years experience.
  • MTCHt - Members who have completed the IGH3P Master Trainer in Hypnotherapy course
  • NLPract - For Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioners 
  • MNLPract - For Neuro Linguistic Psychology Master Practitioners
  • NLPTrain - For Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Psychology Coaching
  • NSPract - For Neuro Sensory Psychology Practitioners 
  • AMNSPract - For Neuro Sensory Psychology Advanced Master Practitioners
  • NSPTrain - For Trainers of Neuro Sensory Psychology Coaching. 

Certification Levels

As a certified or accredited coach or mentor member and/or graduate of  IGH3P, you are entitled to use the following letters after your name:

Certified Levels 

  • Certified Coach Practitioner 
  • Certified Mentor Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Level Coach 
  • Certified Advanced Mentor Practitioner 
  • Certified Master Coach 
  • Certified Master Mentor Practitioner 
  • Certified Coaching Fellow 
  • Certified Mentoring Fellow 

Accredited Levels

  • Accredited Coach Practitioner 

  • Accredited Mentor Practitioner 
  • Accredited Advanced Level Coach

  • Accredited Advanced Mentor Practitioner
  • Accredited Master Coach 

  • Accredited Master Mentor Practitioner 
  • Accredited Coaching Fellow 

  • Accredited  Mentoring Fellow


Enrol Right Now to Become an IGH3P®

Certified Therapist

Our comprehensive range of SynapGen™ -NSPNLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, 3 Keys to Coaching & Applications of Neuroscience Coaching courses will teach you all that you need to know, in order to become a confident and highly effective therapist.



  • Discounts to IGH3P® workshops and conferences
  • Free Monthly webinars
  • Information about public liability and indemnity insurance
  • Digital library for practicing members and NLPsy, Hypnotherapy and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers
  • A support group of NLP and Hypnotherapy and 3 Principles professionals
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to promote your business


We are proud  to reveal that an extraordinary group of individuals, the absolute pinnacles of expertise in Hypnotism, 3 Principles, and NLPsy Practice, have ascended to the echelons of Lifelong Distinguished Fellows of the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLPsy and 3 Principles Practitioners (IGH3P)! This prestigious accolade isn't merely bestowed, it's a testament to their unwavering commitment and transformative contributions. With a reach that extends across the globe, they've influenced and transformed the lives of thousands.




Our certified and accredited programs validate your skills and adherence to industry standards, enhancing your professional standing. For those seeking to go beyond, our accreditation programs demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

  • For individual coaches and mentors, our programs distinguish you in a competitive industry.
  • For course providers, our programs ensure your courses meet the highest standards of quality.
  • For corporations, our programs validate your commitment to a coaching culture and employee development.

As a  practitioner or trainer, you are committed to being the best at supporting your clients to achieve their highest potential. At IGH3P, we aim to support your commitments by providing the best professional body membership.

Your IGH3P certificates and membership ID convey a professional image, and the coveted post nominal letters added to your name will show that you are affiliated with a quality driven professional body.

We are proud to be both recognised and accredited as a professional body by the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC, the approved Regulator for the Coaching and Mentoring industry.



IGH3P is also  accredited by both the International Coach Register, the International Practitioners for Holistic Medicine, and is an organisational member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

Dr. Terry is also a coach mentor with the EMCC, helping coaches develop their professional skills and become better coaches and mentors.  Therefore, the International Guild can certify and accredit individual coaches and mentors, training courses, and corporate CPD training courses from other providers, as well as develop our own training programs. 

All the courses offered by IGH3P require a minimum of 60–220 hours of live Zoom calls or face to face teaching, this is a requirement for certification.

However, for the more advanced certifications, significantly more hours will be required before a member can be certified or accredited. Online home study courses are also accepted for IGH3P professional membership, and to gain certified membership, you will need to attend between 60-220 hours of live Zoom training with Dr. Terry McIvor, depending on which qualification you choose. This Zoom training is included in the monthly IGH3P Gold subscription fee of $97, if you have received the online training from one of our accredited education partners.

Currently, we are working with Mr. David Key from Auspicium Limited, and we are delivering professional membership and/or certification accreditation for his courses.

IGH3P®Certification for Auspicium Courses

If you're not a student of Auspicium, click here to apply for one of IGH3P's courses.

IGH3P and Auspicium have partnered to bring Auspicium students high value certification packages as described below:

If you are studying or have completed Home Study NLP course, then sign up for our certification course  for only $13 per month with our Premium membership offer. Additionally, you will gain a host of other benefits with our premium membership, including but not limited to:

  • FREE certification of the full training on successful completion of your NLP Home Study Course,
  • Free  NLP certification course consisting of an extensive application workbook. You must evidence that you have accumulated a minimum of 50 hours practice hours and additionally, you must pass our certification examination. 
  • FREE certified membership certificate on successful completion of your practical application workbook, evidence of 50 hrs of client NLP coaching and passing of our certification examination.
  • FREE CPD courses are available via our digital library and
  • 20% OFF all paid workshops and courses.


The Ultimate Coach students will be recognised as certified coaches by the IGH3P, once they successfully gain their certificate from Auspicium. As long as Ultimate Coach students register for one of IGH3P's membership packages.  The optional extra of online live coaching sessions will be available with the Gold Membership package.

Students on David Keys Innate Wellbeing Certification programme will need to sign up for one of IGH3P's membership packages, as it was co-developed and certified by IGH3P. You will benefit from the following:


  • FREE certification of the full training on successful completion of your Innate Wellbeing Course, 
  • FREE CPD courses available via our digital library (ONLY for Premium and Gold Membership Packages!),
  • 20% OFF all paid workshops and courses,
  • Be able to apply for membership to the ICR and/or IRCM as a certified coach as a wellbeing specialist,
  • Use post nominal letters after your name,
  • Joint certification by the IGH3P, and IPHM,
  • Be able to apply to the ICR or IRCM via IGH3P as a certified coach, because IGH3P is a certified training organisation for the ICR and accredited by IRCM.

These additional accreditations give IGH3P members the peace of mind that the training they receive through us will be of the highest standard and incorporate U.K. and international quality standards

Please click on the link below for membership descriptions.

The International Coach Register (ICR):

  •  IGH3P is a certified institutional member of  ICR, our training programmes are fully   recognised and accredited by ICR,
  • Our expert trainer Dr Terry McIvor is a fully certified International  coach and led trainer recognised by ICR,
  • ICR Coach Register records and certifies ICR coach practitioners (coaches, business-coaches, child-coaches, conflict-coaches, hypnosis-coaches, inheritance-coaches, NLP-coaches) and their companies.
  • ICR Coach Register is the global mark and register for well-trained ICR coach practitioners.
ICR logo

European Mentoring & Coaching Council EMCC UK:

Together our aim is to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in coaching, mentoring and supervision across Europe. IGH3P is an institutional member of the EMCC U.K. IGH3P undertook institutional membership with EMCC in order to uphold standards, ethics and frameworks to aid professional practice. 

Our lead trainer Dr Terry McIvor is currently a Master coach and mentor for EMCC, training new coaches.

IGH3P is proud to be an Executive level Training Provider with the International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) certification, this certification means we are trusted to deliver a fantastic service, which means you will feel more at ease and confident when picking the right course and/or membership service for you!


Dr Terry is a very proud to be a Fellow of the Association of Coaching UK. The fellow membership category is awarded to those who are extremely experienced and innovative in the field of Coaching. It is given to those who have contributed significantly to the field of coaching. 

 IGH3P is proud to announce that we are now a member of the  IRCM Registered Professional Body Click here. We are now a recognised professional body by the IRCM.

IRCM is The approved Regulator for the Coaching and Mentoring Industry - providing support to Consumers; working closely with Coaches, Mentors, Education/Training, and Coaching/Mentoring organisations


 IGH3P is proud to announce that we are now also an accredited member of the  IRCM Registered Professional Body Click here. We are now an accredited and  recognised professional body by the IRCM.

Achieving the esteemed IRCM Accredited Professional Body status is a remarkable accomplishment that truly exemplifies the exceptional quality and professionalism upheld by IGH3P. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and continuous professional growth has yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by this prestigious recognition.

This accreditation serves as a solid foundation of trust for members of our Professional Body, assuring them that IGH3P adheres to stringent standards within the Coaching and Mentoring industry. They can confidently rely on the high benchmarks and unwavering commitment to excellence set forth by our organisation.

IRCM is The approved Regulator for the Coaching and Mentoring Industry - providing support to Consumers; working closely with Coaches, Mentors, Education/Training, and Coaching/Mentoring organisations

ghsc logo (accredited practitioner) - RGB - web

As a notable member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), Terry McIvor is a renowned expert in the field of hypnotherapy. Terry's knowledge and experience are of immeasurable value to the GHR, which is widely recognised for its dedication to upholding rigorous standards in the field of hypnotherapy.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in clinical hypnotherapy, Terry actively supports the GHR's overarching objective of upholding professional excellence and ethical conduct. His typical responsibilities include providing advice for training programmes, participating in the development of hypnotherapy standards, and mentoring aspiring hypnotherapists.

Additionally, Terry's affiliation with the GHR, which demonstrates his dedication to the field, enhances the credibility and effectiveness of the Register. Given his comprehensive understanding of specialised methodologies and hypnotherapy techniques, he contributes significantly to the organization's knowledge base.

By ensuring that practitioners are adequately prepared to deliver care of the highest calibre, Terry's contributions to the GHR are instrumental in determining the trajectory of hypnotherapy. His active membership in the GHR and unwavering devotion to the field of hypnotherapy illustrate his global focus on client welfare and the advancement of the hypnotherapy discipline.

ghr logo (registered practitioner) - RGB - web

 Terry leverages his deep understanding of clinical hypnotherapy to bolster the GHR's goals of maintaining ethical standards and professional excellence. His involvement is multifaceted, encompassing the development of training curricula, setting standards for hypnotherapy practise, and guiding new practitioners in the field.


As a full member of the esteemed British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Terry utilises his profound expertise in clinical hypnotherapy to reinforce society's commitment to ethical standards and professional excellence. His comprehensive involvement includes crafting educational curricula, defining best practises in hypnotherapy, and providing mentorship to new practitioners in the field.


The International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P) has partnered with Manipur International University for research on Chronic Pain reprocessing methods. As a corporate member of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, IGH3P, although not receiving a qualification or professional accreditation through this membership, leverages it to support its commitment to quality research. This collaboration emphasises IGH3P's dedication to advancing understanding and treatment methodologies in the field of chronic pain management.


NLPEA Certified NLP ProfessionalDr Terry NLP Master Professional