Accreditation/ Certification Process for Mentors

The IGH3P is dedicated to upholding high standards of professional conduct among its mentors. To ensure this, we have established a comprehensive accreditation process that all mentors must undergo:

1. Application Submission

Prospective mentors must submit an application for accreditation. This application should include evidence of their qualifications, training, and experience in coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, NLP, or the Three Principles practises. This could include certificates, transcripts, references, or a portfolio of work.

2. Initial Review

Upon receipt of the application, the IGH3P will conduct an initial review to ensure that the minimum requirements for accreditation are met. This includes verifying the authenticity of the provided documents and checking that the applicant has the necessary qualifications and experience.

3. Assessment

If the initial review is successful, the applicant will be invited to undergo an assessment. A written test, a review of a recorded mentoring session, or a practical mentoring session observed by an IGH3P member could all be part of this. The assessment is designed to evaluate the applicant's mentoring skills and competencies.

4. Interview

Following the assessment, the applicant may be invited for an interview with a member of the IGH3P. The interview is an opportunity for the IGH3P to learn more about the applicant's mentoring philosophy, approach to ethical issues, and commitment to continuous professional development.

5. Decision

After the interview, the IGH3P will make a decision on the application. If the applicant has successfully demonstrated that they meet the standards of the IGH3P, they will be granted accreditation.

6. Ongoing Requirements

Once accredited, mentors are required to meet ongoing requirements to maintain their accreditation. This includes engaging in continuous professional development, adhering to the IGH3P's Code of Ethics, and participating in regular supervision or mentorship sessions.

7. Accreditation Review

Please note that before you can gain full Accreditation, there will be an additional step as per below

Once your application is submitted, the IGH3P (accrediting body) will conduct a formal review. This may involve a site visit, interviews with mentors and clients, and a thorough examination of your documentation. The purpose of the review is to verify that you meet the accreditation standards.

This accreditation process ensures that all IGH3P mentors meet the highest standards of professional conduct and competence. It provides assurance to clients and the public that our mentors are qualified, experienced, and ethical professionals.