Choose the Right Pathway For You

IGH3P offers a comprehensive range of accreditation and certification options specifically designed to cater to individuals and corporations seeking to elevate their coaching practises and professional standing:

  1. Individual Coach Accreditation: Enhance your professional credibility with the esteemed IGH3P Individual Coach Accreditation. This accreditation acknowledges your mastery of coaching skills, adherence to ethical standards, and ongoing commitment to continuous professional development. It signifies your expertise and positions you as a trusted and reputable coach within the industry. If accreditation is not right for you now, then we have a certification option.

  2. Corporate Coaching Accreditation: Attain IGH3P accreditation in corporate coaching, tailored for organisations looking to optimise their coaching initiatives. This accreditation recognises the company's commitment to fostering a coaching culture, ensuring high-quality coaching practises, and aligning coaching strategies with organisational goals. It reinforces your reputation as a provider of exceptional corporate coaching services, instilling trust and confidence in clients.

  3. Coaching Course Accreditation: Validate the excellence of your coaching courses with IGH3P Coaching Course Accreditation. This accreditation demonstrates that your courses meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for participants. It distinguishes your courses as reputable and recognised within the coaching community, attracting individuals seeking quality coaching education.

  4. Professional Coach Certification and/or Accreditation: Obtain  IGH3P Professional Coach Certification, which recognises your expertise and validates your coaching competency across various domains. This certification showcases your proficiency in delivering transformative coaching experiences and positions you as a highly skilled coach. It serves as a testament to your dedication to professional growth and solidifies your reputation among clients and peers.

  5. Corporate Coaching Certification: Earn an IGH3P Certification in Corporate Coaching, tailored for individuals seeking to specialise in coaching within organisational contexts. This certification demonstrates your deep understanding of corporate dynamics, your ability to facilitate meaningful change, and your capacity to support individuals and teams in achieving organisational objectives. It establishes you as a sought-after professional in the corporate coaching arena.

With IGH3P's specialised accreditation and certification options, both individuals and corporations can enhance their coaching practises, establish credibility, and elevate their professional standing. By choosing IGH3P, you gain industry recognition, trust from clients and stakeholders, and access to a community of esteemed coaches and organisations committed to excellence in coaching. Unleash the full potential of your coaching journey through IGH3P's comprehensive accreditation and certification programs.