Accreditation/ Certification Process for Training Organisations

All associated training organisations must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality, and the IGH3P is dedicated to making sure that this happens. The procedure for training organisations receiving accreditation is as follows:

1. Submission of an Application

Applications are required from training companies interested in accreditation. This should include information on the company, a list of the courses or programs it provides, and documentation of its training in coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, NLP, NSP, the 3 Principles, and neuroscience applications of coaching. Course materials, curriculum summaries, teacher credentials, and student evaluations may all fall into this category.

2. Initial Evaluation

The IGH3P will start reviewing the application as soon as it is received. Verifying the information given, ensuring that the organisation satisfies the certification standards, and evaluating the quality and applicability of the courses or programs offered are all part of this process.

3. Site Visit

A site visit could be scheduled if the first evaluation is successful. This enables the IGH3P to visit with staff members  while also observing the organization's facilities, resources, and instructional methods. The site visit offers insightful information about the organization's practises and standards.

4. Assessing

Following that, the organisation will be evaluated by the IGH3P based on a number of factors, including the quality of its courses or programs, the training and expertise of its teachers, its dedication to continual development, and its adherence to ethical norms.

5. Choice

The IGH3P will decide on the application after the evaluation. Accreditation will be given if the organisation can show that it complies with the IGH3P requirements.

6. Persistent Needs

Training companies must continue to fulfil standards after being certified in order to keep their certification. This includes adhering to the IGH3P's Code of Ethics, constantly evaluating and upgrading their courses or programs, taking part in ongoing professional development, and taking part in IGH3P evaluations on a regular basis.

7. Accreditation Review

Please note that before you can gain full Accreditation, there will be an additional step as per below

Once your application is submitted, the IGH3P (accrediting body) will conduct a formal review. This may involve a further site visit, interviews with coaches within your organisation,  and a thorough examination of your documentation. The purpose of the review is to verify that you meet the accreditation standards.

All IGH3P-affiliated training companies must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in order to be accredited. Students and the general public are given comfort knowing that these organisations are dedicated to offering top-notch education and training in coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, NLP, and the 3 Principles practises.