Policy for Selecting the Accreditation/Credentials of the IGH3P Team

The International Guild for Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P) is committed to ensuring that its team members possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to carry out their roles effectively. The following policy outlines the process for selecting the accreditation/credential of the IGH3P team:

1. Identification of Requirements

Each role within the IGH3P team will have specific accreditation or credential requirements. These requirements will be identified based on the nature of the role, the tasks and responsibilities it involves, and the standards set by relevant professional bodies.

2. Verification of Credentials

When considering individuals for roles within the IGH3P team, their credentials will be verified. This includes checking that the individual holds the required accreditation or credential, and that this accreditation or credential is valid and has been issued by a recognised authority.

3. Assessment of Competence

In addition to verifying credentials, the competence of individuals will be assessed. This may involve reviewing their previous work, conducting interviews or practical assessments, or seeking feedback from referees or previous employers.

4. Ongoing Professional Development

Once an individual has been selected to join the IGH3P team, they will be expected to maintain their accreditation or credential. This includes meeting any ongoing requirements set by the accrediting body, such as engaging in continuous professional development.

5. Regular Review

The accreditation or credential requirements for each role within the IGH3P team will be reviewed regularly. This ensures that these requirements remain relevant and aligned with current professional standards and practices.

This policy ensures that all members of the IGH3P team hold the necessary accreditation or credential for their role, and that they are competent and capable of carrying out their duties effectively. It provides assurance to members, clients, and the public that the IGH3P team is qualified, professional, and committed to maintaining high standards of practice.