According to several studies, job stress has become the primary cause of stress among adults, and this has been on a steady rise in recent decades. Individuals who perceive that they have little control but face numerous demands in their jobs have been shown to experience heightened levels of stress. This increase in stress levels has been linked to a higher risk of health issues such as heart attacks, hypertension, and other related disorders. It is, therefore, crucial for companies to provide EMPLOYEE WELLNESS packages to their employees to mitigate these health risks and promote their overall well-being, for the following benefits: 

  • Help to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover rates, hence reduce associated costs
  • Enhance employee productivity, as individuals who are less stressed are more likely to perform better at work.
  • Improve employee morale and job satisfaction, leading to a happier and more engaged workforce.
  • By promoting stress management techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, companies can foster a culture of well-being and demonstrate that they care about the health and welfare of their employees.
  • Reap the benefits of a more productive, satisfied, and healthy workforce.


IGH3P offers multiple employee wellbeing packages to ensure that your workplace is a happy and a harmonious one!

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We take a holistic approach to providing support by offering a range of programmes packed with information, tools, resources, and expert advice that help individuals manage a diverse set of life issues. Our packages provide a comprehensive solution for addressing mental health, work-life balance, wellness, and essential workplace skills including Convergent and Divergent Thinking.

The Wellness Boost

Focuses on well-being, nutrition, and mindfulness. 

The Creative Edge

Enables your team to tap into their creativity and problem solving skills.

The Communication Advantage

Enables your team to develop effective communication and relationship building skills, and their goal accomplishment skills using the power of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. 

SynapGen™-NSP Transformational Coaching

Helps individuals unleash their full potential, overcome personal and professional challenges, and create a more fulfilling life using Hypnotherapy, NLP, the 3 Keys to Coaching, and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques.

Custom Training Course Development

Customised solutions to your organisation's and employees' specific needs.