Certified NLP and Life Coach Practitioner

Accredited by the following:

International Coach Register

International Guild for Hypnotherapy, 3 Principles and NLP Practitioners and Trainers

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a thought-provoking approach to personal development that helps individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the human potential and how to communicate effectively.


This certified NLP and Life Coaching Practitioner programme will equip you with a solid and thorough foundation for successful leadership, management, and decision-making. In this NLP training, you will learn how to use NLP and related communication techniques in business, business management, coaching, and sports to enhance your performance. It will also allow you to become an NLP and Life Coach practitioner.

Whether You Want to Make Changes For Yourself Or You Want to Start Your NLP Training, So You Can Get Greater Insight Into Becoming a Therapist, Then Look No Further!

You Will Get The Results You Want FAST!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is becoming widely relevant to people's everyday lives and businesses due to its practical applications. Today more than ever, NLP concepts feature in many leadership, coaching and communication skills training. Adding NLP to your portfolio will give you access to the most powerful personal development teachings available today.

The certified NLP and Life Coaching Practitioner programme is the perfect introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ideal for complete beginners through to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of NLP, to upgrade your knowledge and build on previous training, and to learn how to qualify as an NLP Practitioner.

Enhance Your Self-awareness And Interpersonal Competency

Upgrade Your Leadership, Management And Relationship Skills

Practice an Effective Goal-setting Process To Achieve Success

Join our International Master Trainer Dr. Terry McIvor for Weekly Facebook LIVE Training Sessions 

Dr. Terry will be hosting the classes on a Private Facebook Group for those interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming . As a student you will be a part of a dynamic class, can ask questions and join in on the demonstrations. You will have full access to all the training sessions even when the classes have ended.

Get Your CPD Accredited Certificate of Attendance  - For those Students with 90% Attendance or Greater

 One Year Free Student Membership to the International Guild For Hypnotherapy, 3 Principles and NLP Practitioners and Trainers. 

NLP Has Been Proven To Optimise the Lives of Those Who Study It. So, Study NLP With Me TODAY And Become Even More Successful Than You Already Are!

In This Unique Beginners class, I Will Share My Most Powerful Techniques, The Same Techniques I Use With My Clients And I Will Tell You About Other Cutting Edge NLP Techniques, Which Are Changing Peoples Lives Right Now.



WEEK 1 Fundamentals of NLP:

  • What is NLP All About?
  • ​Fundamentals of NLP 
  • ​The Real Pioneers of NLP 
  • ​Goal Setting Using NLP

WEEK 2 How To Be A More Effective Communicator:

  • Building Charisma
  • ​Reading the Eyes
  • ​Reach Your Potential
  • ​V.A.K.O.G
  • ​How We Describe Our Inner World

WEEK 3 Dealing with Negative Thoughts, Fears and Phobias:

  • Understanding Personalities
  • ​Fast Phobia Cure
  • ​Visual Squash Technique
  • ​Defining Our Representational Systems
  • ​Time Line Therapy

WEEK 4 Mindfulness:

  • The 3 Principles
  • ​Increase Your Resource State
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Anchor Setting & Collapsing
  • ​Anchor Firing

WEEK 5 Powerful NLP Techniques:

  • State Of Mind

  • ​Deep Trance Identification

  • ​The Integration of the Unconscious mind

  • ​Changing Limiting Beliefs and Attitudes

WEEK 6 Find Your Identity and That of Others:

  • Robert Dilts- Using the 6 Logical Levels
  • ​NLP-Re-printing Technique
  • ​Distortion, Generalisations and Deletions in NLP.

WEEK 7 Bonus: Online Entrepreneurship - How To Build and Scale Your Business

  • Starting Your Business From Scratch
  • How to Build Your Client List
  • Client Conversions - Tried and Tested Methods.
  • How to Make Your Practice Profitable

 Whether You Just Want to Learn about NLP Or You Are Looking To Take Your NLP Career Further By Learning The Skills To Make A Real Difference To Yourself And Others, Then What are You Waiting For!


This course involves 16 hours of live training sessions and it gives you 16 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Upon completion of the course - for those students with 90% attendance or greater ONLY, you will receive a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course. Otherwise, you will receive a certificate attendance only. 

You will have lifetime access to the recorded sessions and access to an exclusive Facebook group of likeminded therapists. You can engage in study groups and ask each other questions, which is a great way to learn, engage and widen your network.

IGNLP course info short


Start date: 10 May 2023 - Classes will be held each week on Tuesday at 7pm UK time

Mode of delivery: Online

Duration of the course: 7 weeks including the Bonus Week

Duration of each class: 2 hours

Registration Ends: 05 May 2023

Setting Quality Standards for Courses Worldwide

IGH3P has a comprehensive portfolio of NLP and hypnotherapy courses and affiliations that we believe reflect the high standards we provide to our students. All our NLP and hypnotherapy courses are taught, supervised and validated by highly professional master hypnotherapy and NLP trainers, professors and practitioners with many years of collective experience.

Our accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses are assessed and validated by the International Association of Counsellors and Practitioners (IACT) and by the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, 3 Principles and NLP Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P). 

Without doubt, we are proud to have such reputable hypnotherapy course accreditations and affiliations in our portfolio - Keeping our quality standards well above and beyond the average. Just take a look at our hypnotherapy student graduate testimonial reviews!

The Key to Building a Successful Practice Is to Care About Others And by Investing In Yourself.  

If You Take This Opportunity And Fully Embrace It, Then I Guarantee Your Success. 

I will be your tutor on the course, You will get my personal attention and I will teach you the Skills needed Personally.  

This high quality Hypnotherapy is not available anywhere else so please enrol now to secure your place.

This Class is unique, in that, the supplemental information given out at each session, will be the Most Up to Date information there is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How do I start my course?

Once purchased, you will receive instructions and links to the LIVE sessions by email. 

How much time do I have to complete my course?

As this is a LIVE training course, you should attend each of the sessions in order to complete it in 7 weeks. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way, so if you miss a LIVE session, you can watch the recording. 

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The duration of the Fundamentals of NLP programme is 7 weeks including Bonus Week 7. Each week we will meet LIVE for 2 hours. 

How do I access my CPD certificate?

At the end of course, you will automatically receive your CPD Accredited Certificate of Attendance, if you had an attendance rate of 90% or greater at the LIVE sessions. If your attendance rate falls below 90%, you will still receive a Certificate of Attendance, but not the CPD points.